Posted by: epsyck | July 3, 2007

sweater sleeve

So, I’ve recast on (third time’s the charm?) for the second sleeve of the boyfriend sweater. The boyfriend sweater (and I’ve lovingly named it) is actually Avast from Knitty. I’ve substituted cascade 220 superwash since I know that he will not treat his sweater with quite the loving care that I would. I expect no handwashing from an engineering PHD. Maybe air dry, but no handwashing. So far I’m happy with it. It’s in dark gray/charcoal (his color choice) and is coming out well. Unfortunately the rest of it is sitting at my parents house in ny, meaning I won’t be able to work on anything else while I wait for my trip to finish.

speaking of russia, I am slightly stressed. My school bill has to be taken care of by august 1, this is a problem because I don’t get back from russia until the 7th. This means my family has to (again) take out the loans. Pain in the butt. Also, they might decide not to give me back my school job because I’m a senior. IT’s a little stressful. But that’s the life of a student. And I’ll be over after this year, unless I do grad school. And la library science degree shouldn’t be incredibly difficult seeing as I’ve worked in one for 4 years already.

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