Posted by: epsyck | July 4, 2007

sweater boredom

I’m just plain bored with the sweater I’m knitting. I mean I love the yarn, love the pattern, etc. I’ve just never knit only one thing with so little variation for so long before. I’ve been at this thing (and only this) for I think almost 3 months. I usually have 2 or 3 projects going, but since I was going abroad, I Stopped all of that and have been working on the sweater. It’s quite annoying.

 But I’m still planning for the next projects. I want to knit my mother a blanket for christmas. I’m thinking either just plain stripes (I can work on my fairly pathetic colorworking skills and learn to carry colors up the side of a piece) or an afghan from a book I bought ages ago called something like 101 afghan squares to knit (normally I would look it up, but I’m sort of thousands of miles away from my bookcase). It’l probably be in machinewashable acryllic. I know my mother will not handwash an afghan, or hang it dry. I’m realistic.

 I also have a cone of really nice tweed yarn that I think is destined to be a cardigan. I may have even picked out the pattern, but I need to reswatch it in the needles I would be using. and then wash the swatch because the yarn is still in spinning oil and thus is a little weird to knit with.

 And I need to reknit a corset-ish sweater I had originally knit a size too big. Like much too big. But it took me less than a month to knit (it was my reading project – i.e. I knit it while I read for class, mostly russian short stories), so I’m not seriously upset about that one. It’s in this great silk cotton blend whose name I of course can’t remember. Again, several thousand miles away from my yarn. *Cries*

 And last but not least, after I finish all of that, I want to knit a sweater from one of my stitch and bitch books. Yes, I like EVERY other young knitter out there own them. That being said, I taught myself to knit from an 80s era book, which to this day is probably my favorite resource. And I did it about 3 years before I got either of the stitch and bitch books.  But even though I’ve mostly moved on from stitch and bitch (the patterns are a little trendy for me) I really want to knit the sweater with the flower appliques (I am so wishing I had my books with me to give names and descriptions. annoying!). It’s cute, and I think it’s wearable.

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