Posted by: epsyck | July 5, 2007

I didn’t actually knit anything last night. I know, naughty, but I was watching my favorite russian television program and then the news. And then I slept because I have been exhausted lately. I blame the hot weather?

 Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to write about how I started knitting. I had wanted to knit for quite a while, I don’t know why, but it was just one of those things. My aunt knit, although I don’t really have any memories of her knitting. And since she lived with us I thought great! she can teach me! Well, that didn’t work very well. Basically she tried, and I kind of tried, but evidentally it just never worked out. I think I was too young (maybe 8 or so) and just didn’t have the patience.

Fast forward to high school. I’m about 16 and I decided to learn again.  This time I decided to teach myself. So I went down to walmart and bought a learn how to knit kit. I have to say, this was probably the best thing I ever did. I learned from the book so much easier than I did from any other person or resource. It was great. So I learned to knit, basically did it all at once. Taught myself to knit, then to purl, then to cable, and make increases and decreases. I love cableing by the way, I don’t know why, but it’s really entertaining to me.

Then I sort of stopped knitting. I was super busy in my last two years of hs (exams, college, marching band – don’t laught I have 4 varsity letters and 4 state championships). And then my hand sort of died. Well, more specifically it jsut stopped working. My right hand became increadibly painful and it got to the point where I was unable to move my hand at all. We all thought it was carpal tunnel, but it turned out that after the test (the very very painful test) the doctors said nerve conduction was perfectly normal and they had no clue what was wrong. Eventually my hand got better. And I can use it now, although it still gets sore and stiff at times.

Once I was into college I got back into knitting. Mostly small things. I knitted a sweater my freshman year, but when I finished it I realized it was a horrible design for me, far too boxy. And it was frogged. In subsequent years I’ve been making a winter ensemble out of it with hand/arm warmers and a scarf finished so far. Eventually when I decide what kind of hat i want I’ll do that too.

In the past year i’ve gotten very much back into knitting. It’s relaxing, and also rather fulfilling. I’m a russian regional studies/poli sci major at an ivy league. Stressful is an understatement. Add a job to the double major, and a long distance boyfriend who requires 5 hour train rides every few weeks and you don’t have much extra time. I’ve found that knitting while I read or while I watch movies at the end of the night to relax is very zen. I get to relax, let go of everything that happened over the day and just focus on something else.

I’ve taught most of my friends to knit. And evidentally I did it halfway decently, since they still knit.

I’m a solitary knitter. I’ve never taken classes, never done that whole stitch and bitch thing. Never interested me. I’m considering taking a few classes once I graduate, just to get certain skills (I cannot for the life of me figure out how to work the short row loop in when you’re purling, it always seems to make that dumb line across my stitch!). I’m also dying to take a spinning class. I’ve been hand spinning with a drop spindle (rather badly), but I think I would do better with an actual set up. It’s jsut a theory, so a class will be taken where Ic an rent a wheel before anything is bought (they aren’t exactly the smallest investment afterall).

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