Posted by: epsyck | July 9, 2007

I actually knitted this weekend!

Yup, I got some knitting done. I’m slowly knitting the second sleeve. So slowly in fact that I might actually finish it either right before I leave or on the flight back home. Mind you it only took me a week and a half to knit the first one.

Knitting was a little hard though. The cat was attempting to attack my yarn. She ran out of catfood on sunday, and in russia most if not all stores are closed on sunday. This is made worse by the fact that she will only eat royal canine super duper hairball formula (I don’t remember the actual name). This is probably a good thing since she’s a long hair siamese-esque kitty who would be the hairball queen if it wasn’t for the food.

That’s pretty much it though. Oh, except that I’m cautisouly optimistic about our hot water situation. We haven’t had any for a month due to reconstruction/renovation/repair of the hotwater plant/pipes (in russia water is delivered to apartment buildings already hot). But today the water was very tepid…


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