Posted by: epsyck | July 16, 2007

So I actually knitted this weekend. And fairly well, i.e. no mistakes. I had to fix something with my yarn, which had miracuously partially unravveled at the middle of the ball. Can you say pain in the butt? So basically I just broke the yarn and rejoined it. Annoying, but not impossibly difficult to deal with.

Also, I had to knit while fighting with a very wet, very annoyed fluffy 1/2 siamese. She’s my host family’s cat, and while she beautiful and sometimes very sweet (she gives kisses, like real ones, whether you want it or not, and she also has a facination with licking my ear), she is also un-fixed. That means that she wants out all the time. This time she got out through a 6″ window about 8 feet of the ground. We found her, or rather a neighbor found her and called.  But it wasn’t before she found a “husband” as Inna called him. And then she had a bath. This ended with her wanting to sit in my lap because she was cold. I fought her off as long as I could, but when she finally tugged my heartstrings to their breaking point (wow, that was a HORRIBLE metaphore), I put down my knitting and let the damp cat sit in my lap.

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