Posted by: epsyck | August 14, 2007

darn headaches and *dun dun duuun* THE BROWN THING

Today was a good day for knitting. Why? Because I had another one of my headaches. It’s funny, I used to get then all the time when I was in high school. Then they decreased to one or two a year for the first 3 years of college. But in the past 6 months I’ve had them on the order of one every 1.5-2 months. This is bad because they last for days and mean all I want to do is curl up in bed. It may be time to actually go to a doctor to do something preventative (instead of just going to the ER when it’s so bad I can’t breathe).

But yeah, managed to get about 3 inches of the boyfriend sweater done today which is fairly impressive. Also watched two really great movies – the name of the rose and V for Vendetta (had been meaning to see that one, just never seemed to have the time).Both were great for my knitting, since it gave me something to do while I knitted plain old stockinette.

I found out who my secret pal is today! I’m really excited about this, and I’m hoping that she likes the things I send. I love giving presents so I think that this  could be a lot of fun, even if we are very very different people. In fact, that might even make it more fun!

Anyway, the brown thing. We don’t know what it is. It’s some sort of animal. I first saw it as we drove along one of the roads not too far away from the house. It actually looked at me. Of course everyone in the family claimed that I was nuts and it was just a clump of dirt. Fast forward to about a month ago. My mom saw one of the brown things in the backyard leisurely  strolling. Then yesterday the rest of the family (my dad and aunt) finally saw one. I was standing in the kitchen looking out the window when I thought I saw a bunny. But wait! That’s not a bunny! It’s the BROWN THING! There is much debate over what the brown thing is. We’re pretty sure it’s some kind of weasel or rodent. Although my father continues to suggest it’s a coyote (while we have them, that was DEFINITELY not a coyote). As long as the brown thing doesn’t eat bunnies, I think we can live in harmony. But if it eats bunnies, I will personally hunt it down and humanely remove it from anywhere near our bunny neighbors. (we have about a billion of them, while I was in russia there were like 5 young rabbits playing on our porch – in front of 3 picture windows)

Ummm, yeah. I should probably stop this entry now, it’s getting long and rambling. But just one last thing. I bought a ticket to see Projekt Revolution at the NYS Fair. I was like oh this is cool, it starts at noon, I should be out before dark (Because after dark the creepy peoplel come out – now I live in NYC, I’m used to creepy people, but I’m afraid of some of the people at the fair after dark, and I’ll be there alone…). But no. Apparently, somehow, an 11 band show, with two stages, manages to last 11 hours. I am skeptical. But I can manage. At least I dont’ have to drive how (getting a ride) and there will be enough people whose parents will probably go with them to the concert that I shouldn’t have problems. I find it ironic that I am more worried about going to a concert here in Syracuse alone than I ever was about travelling halfway around the world to Russia alone. I guess that says something about me, huh?

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