Posted by: epsyck | August 14, 2007

secret pal stuff

So since my secret pal probably has my info now, HI! I realized that it might be helpful as well to know that I have another blog as well (I guess it’s my personal blog as opposed to the craft one, it’s how I keep in contact with all the friends from HS). So if you’re interested, it’s

But more importantly, I have a quick and fairly simple request. Please don’t send anything until August 22! It’s a funny story, but my college (which is the mailing address I gave) is currently under construction. A lot of construction. As in we don’t have a student center at the moment. This means we don’t have a mail services place until next week. So if anything is sent before August 22, I won’t be able to get it (I’m not sure what will happen, but we’ve been told not to send it until the 22nd). I just realized I should probably mention that right now.



  1. Hello there! Thanks for letting me know 🙂

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