Posted by: epsyck | August 15, 2007

knitting meltdown

So, I had a minor problem with the boyfriend sweater last night. And by minor, I mean a dropped stitch that travelled down about 3 rows. And then I unravelled a few rows to fix it, and it just kept getting worse. I’ve salvaged most of it, but I’ve put it aside for now. I’m slightly angry at the sweater at the moment, and I know that fixing knitting mistakes is best done with a cool temper.

So instead I’ve spent much of the day cross stitching. While I was in Russia I bought 3 kits with religious themes (it’s not that I’m incredibly religious, but I love religious art – old icons, church architecture – it’s incredible). I started one in russia, but now I’m working on the most challenging design I’ve ever worked on. It’s an icon of Mary and Jesus complete with beading. I think it’s pretty, although I’m not sure what I’ll do with it when I’m done. Maybe frame it and hang it up with my Fra Angelico angel print (I saw the exhibit at the Met last year – probably the best I’ve ever been to).  Eventually I’ll have an actual apartment with actual room for all of these things. That’ll be nice. But for now, I’m limited by NYC dorm space.

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