Posted by: epsyck | August 19, 2007

random fiber sightings

So I was at the local renaissance festival (I know – it’s a little bit lame, but I’ve been going since I was little, and darn it, you haven’t known fun til you’ve watched jousting and witch dunking).  More importantly, I was at the Sterling Festival when I noticed a woman spinning bright yellow yarn with a drop spindle. I would have run up to her and complimented her on her beautiful spinning, but that would have been very strange and slightly creepy. So instead I admired from afar.

But more importantly, I bought the first present for my secret pal, and some little presents for me and the boyfriend (he has a little ceramic black and white kitty, and I have a little ceramic brown and white bunny).

Also, I love long car trips, they give me time to get more knitting in for the boyfriend sweater. I’m getting there, almost at the point where I join the sleeves in. But I do have to occasionally remember to look down when I’m knitting. Otherwise I end up having to unknit like 50 stitches because I somehow switched from knit to purl (i.e. from stockinette to reverse stockinette). But easily fixable!

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