Posted by: epsyck | August 20, 2007

I saw a bunny today

So, I did see a bunny today. This has little to do with knitting, which is the actual reason for this post, but I wanted to share my recent animal sightings as well. We have a woodchuck (who I named Fred) and many bunnies living in the area (while I was in russia there were young bunnies frolicking on our porch). Unfortunately, the bunnies seem to avoid me, but today I saw one hopping through the yard! I know, I’m silly, but I do love bunnies. Also, I’ve been seeing more gray squirrels than black squirrels. This is good because we had a problem with black squirrels invading and displacing the gray ones.

But, back to knitting. I was able to add in the sleeves today (it’s a raglan). This is exciting because it’s coming along, and hopefully will be finished before I go to school. I’d rather not have to move the sweater down to NYC and then have to move it again, etc. That’s the problem with being a college student, I move twice a year. But, I’ll just leave it at home in my room, perhaps packed to send down to him for Christmas. I’ll have to wrap it up and make it cute. Last Christmas he got an ipod, this year he get’s a sweater. I guess it’s a step down, but hopefully he likes it.


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