Posted by: epsyck | August 22, 2007

Be Still My Heart!

So today I applied for my dream job…or rather, I applied to apply for my dream job. It’s sort of a complicated procedure. Also, I realize that it’s very strange to apply for a job a full 9 months before you graduate from college, but IF they decide they like me (and that is a big if), I have to go through 9 months to a year of security clearance stuff. I’m hoping my awesome Russian skills will help me, but it’s not a guarantee. Either way, I’ll find out if they’re interested within 45 days. *happy thoughts*

In other (craft related) news, the boyfriend sweater is coming along nicely! I don’t foresee finishing it before moving back to school (only a week to go – I should probably pack…), so I will be dragging it back down with me to work on in the car, in the hotel, in the car again, and then in my dorm when I have random time to spare. Also picked out the pattern to knit for my mom’s christmas blanket. I had been planning on just knitting it up as I went along (i.e. simple stripes in worsted weight), but I changed my mind when I flipped through the book I taught myself to knit from and saw the “speedy fisherman afghan”. Basically it’s knitted with worsted weight whatever, but with 3 strands held together. Some simple cables so I don’t die of boredom, but bulky enough that I should be able to finish it in time for Christmas! I’m going to order the yarn and some things for my secret pal as soon as I get back to NYC.

also, hi secret pal! I’m sorry I sent you the email equivalent of a small jack russel terrier who drank 3 double shots of espresso! It’s been a loooong (and for some reason very hyper) day today!

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