Posted by: epsyck | September 5, 2007

YAY secret pal!

I will be posting photos, really I will be, because you sent the most awesomest package ever! (they aren’t up yet because I’m currently in the library killing two hours before my next class)

the yarn is BEAUTIFUL and my favorite colors! And I’m thinking about trying out that recipe this weekend on my roommates, it sounds super tasty!

On the rest of my life front, my hand is doing ok. No knitting for a few weeks has helped it return to mostly normal. Today I have my first day of 3 classes (yesterday I just had work, which was fun, but a little bit anticlimactic since I’ve worked there for 3 years already). Russian was ok (she talks a little to quickly for me and name drops a lot of people I’ve never heard of), Music is next (it should be a piece of cake – 10 years of playing flute has prepared me for the worst), then i have my first senior seminar! YAY! I’m super excited about it, and hopefully it’ll be fun.

than I have to go cook dinner (no clue what’ll be for tonight, maybe just pasta again because I’m lazy) and start russian homework.

Also, I have to post photos of my room, it’s pretty decent. Not the spectacular view that Jess and Joelle have, but it’s not bad. And I can’t complain with finally getting air conditioning after 4 years.



  1. I’m glad you like your first package. When I bought the yarn I had the Windy City scarf, from the book also within the package, in mind. But please make whatever you want from it šŸ™‚ The book is one that my S&B group raves about constantly because the techniques take you anywhere from beginner to advanced. Good to hear your hand is feeling better!

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