Posted by: epsyck | September 9, 2007

I still haven’t uploaded my photos

because I’m a horrible person (just kidding of course, but I do feel bad, I just haven’t unpacked my media card reader yet!)

So here’s what was in my SP package in word form (hopefully to be followed with photos):

-Stitch and Bitch book
-two awesome skeins of cascade in pretty RED colors
-walnuts with a recipe (which will be made hopefully! I just have to make sure I have someone else willing to try it, since it would be silly to cook the entire thing for myself 🙂 )
-Smarties (which I haven’t eaten since I was little, total memory lane candy!)
-a pair of beautiful bamboo needles (size 9) that are really incredible to knit with
-and a llama card! (I do love me my llamas after all!)

In other fiber news, I signed up for an into to socks class at my lys (and by local, I mean local, it’s about 12 blocks from my front door). I’m super excited and I can’t say enough about the woman who owns it. From someone who is used to dealing with snooty stores (the yarn co), it’s a breath of fresh air to be able to talk to someone who is nice and willing to joke with you a bit. And I want to knit socks. So yay! Anyway, if anyone is from NYC or visiting, I HIGHLY suggest checking out Yarntopia at 108th and Amsterdam.


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