Posted by: epsyck | September 16, 2007

Atlantic City

Is definitely fun! We went for a friend’s 21st and spent friday night – saturday night. Not much gambling but we went to hooters and were hit on by some “interesting” people – not in hooters though, on the casino floor. I was the first one in bed and the last one out (I’m lame, what can I say) but it was fun. Got to see the most awesome light/music/fountain show ever.

Today is homework. Lots of homework. But it should be fun as well. I’m going to do work all day and then hopefully get alittle knitting done later this evening.

Also, my parents adopted 3 kittens yesterday! Webster (named after Webster pond which is where he and his litter were found – he’s a gray tabby with socks), Harley Quinn (formerly Vicki – she’s half black and half orange splotches on white – she has a line down her nose), and then Calli (short for Miss. Calico which is what she was named by her foster mommy – she’s white with calico splotches). Webster has adopted my dad as his hammock. Harley likes to sit on my mom’s face while she’s in bed and resembles a pinball when she wants to get off the cat tree (she bounces off of 3 different parts of the couch and my dad). And Calli is exploring the house still and getting used to everyone, but seems to like my mom.

but yay for kitties!


  1. Yay for kitties, indeed! Glad you had fun in Atlantic City 🙂

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