Posted by: epsyck | September 20, 2007


I should probably be working on my thesis research. Instead I am planning for Halloween. Halloween is one of my favorite times of year cause I get to dress up. I’m a big believer in getting to pretend to be whatever you want once a year. This year I’m planning on going 50s pinup/rockabilly. Why? Because I’ve always wanted to. And because I know I’ll look good in a dress with a full skirt. But mostly because I’ve always been in love with 50s fashion.

So I found a dress and fell in love with it. Unfortunately, it’s a bit expensive (of course). But ooooohhh how I want it. I might go wandering through a few local places and see if I can find something along the same lines before I drop 150$ on an outfit, but a girl can dream huh?

anyway, that’s the dream dress. Although there are a couple others I think would be awesome as well.

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