Posted by: epsyck | September 28, 2007

I have a fish! and a rambling blog entry! (which no one should feel obligated to read)

I do in fact have a fish. His name is Posz (short for Paul Posluszny, a former Penn State football player – who actually graduated a semester early with a business degree, and who now plays for the buffalo bills). He’s a red, blue, and clear beta (the tips of his fins are actually translucent gray – which is super pretty) and he’s enjoying his new hope I think.

I’m sloooowly progressing on brett’s sweater. It’s just so big! It’s hard to get up the energy to work on it.

This sunday I have my first knitting socks class! I’m super excited! I do love to knit and I’m hoping socks will be the answer to my do I really have space to carry this 20 lb sweater around with me to work on it when I have a spare moment problem.

Also, I bought a plant. It’s currently hanging out on my windowsill. That does not yet have a name, but it probably will, just give me a few days.

I think I’m making blini tonight. I had them for the first time in russia, and they are really super tasty. And an easy “I’m not really in the mood to cook something real for dinner tonight” meal.

I have got to get my window fixed (something is wrong where the pane slipped inside the frame? or something) because i can hear the wind howling. It’s not so bad now b/c it’s warm, but it will be getting chilly at some point.

As we speak my poor little macbook is being worked to death. I’m cleaning it out (sooo many unused files that my baby is out of memory!). I’m actually uploading all of my photos to my flickr account so that I can delete them from the computer to free up some space. also going through itunes and getting rid of all those songs that I have but don’t like. You’d be surprised just how many there are…

I do love NYC at sunrise/sunset. It gets this beautiful pinkish golden tint. And somehow everything is just beautiful. Even the school of social work building that is right outside my window. And I definitely prefer living on amsterdam to being on broadway. If only because walking past Appletree (the grocery store I live practically on top of – I get down the stairs and it’s there) has really good smelling flowers outside. And it’s something to not have a corner in NYC smell like vomit. Especially when there are bars and college kids around. The only downside is that since we’re just a few blocks uptown from the hospital we occasionally get some EDs (emotionally disturbed people – I picked it up from the boyfriend and his cop lingo). But even they don’t detract from the neighborhood. Also, living on top of several restaurants and a grocery store comes in handy. If I REALLY don’t feel like cooking, I can get a panini, african food, or indian food. Or stop at the deli. And that’s just on this block.

I’m finally mostly over my cold, which is awesome (I had this crazy cold for like 36 hours and I thought I had mono again – which isn’t actually possible). I also have a thesis topic. And some articles to go through for it. AND I made it to the next level of the job I’m trying for. Mind you, this means very little. I’m still at the beginning when it comes down to it. But it’s one more hurdle passed. Also, I got an email back about an internship I applied for! It’s at Sotheby’s in their Russian Department. Not that I’m THAT interested in Russian art history, but they didn’t actually require that. I do love art and just going to museums which I did in russia, so hopefully some of the vocab would have stuck. It would be nice to get, although who knows if I actually have the time for it lol.

Ummmmmm…yeah, this is really rambling, but who cares, it is my blog after all 😉

Mostly tonight is a stay at home and hang out day. I need to clean, and I want to do some reading for my Russian history course, but nothing serious is going to be done today, I know that. Not after the crazy week I’ve had. Although really it wasn’t that bad, just seemed like there was SO MUCH TO DO.

Also, I feel like an actual college kid for the first time. I have a bottle of vodka in my freezer… (in my defense, I did buy it to make penne ala vodka for the boy, it’s his favorite dish, and I don’t mind it, although I won’t buy that brand of tomatoes again – it didn’t cook up well).

And speaking of food, hopefully this weekend I’m dragging one of my friends uptown to go to the Russian import foods store. I REALLY want kefir, which is this stuff that’s kind of like yogurt, but with a consistency more like those yogurt drinks because it’s cultured but not as thick as full yogurt. Also, the stuff that I want is unsweetened and unflavored. I don’t think I like it so much as I am attracted to it. It’s not particulalry palatable. It’s VERY sour, although not in the milk gone bad way. It’s tangy, and it leaves your mouth tingling. It’s also super healthy (which is why it’s only in health food and russian stores) and is supposed to be good for you b/c of all the live cultures. I just love it. I eat it with a spoon from a glass, which is weird, but it’s SO tasty. As you can see I have a strange relationship with it. It’s just so hard to explain that I don’t think I even know how I feel. Except that I was very sad when it turned out that the only kefir in the local grocery was strawberry flavored. I also realized today that putting natural casing sausage in warm water to unstick them (in order to cook them) is a bad idea. If I had thought about it, I would have realized it. But I was silly. It cooked up fine in the end, but it sort of grossed me out. Which is funny. Very little food related worries me. I do get a little weird about chicken breasts with bones in them, because to me it resembles a rib cage a little too much. I still don’t like my food to look like what it used to be. That and fish bones. I do NOT like fish to still have heads, fins, or spines. I’ve eaten fish witha spine in it. And never again. honestly, it was tasty, I just couldn’t get over the fact that it had a spine.

I sent out my secret pal’s package on friday and I’m starting to get a little worried because she hasn’t said anything about it (I did actually email her to find out if she got it). I’m sure it’s fine and I’m just silly (she does live super far away) but I do worry sometimes. And I can’t really complain since she was super awesome about me not getting it out til now (and combining two months packages into one – it just ended up being easier in terms of what I was sending). I sent a lot of things from home, well from home (as in where the family lives) and from here (as in where I live). I just hope she likes taffy lol.

Tomorrow I’m heading down to the big farmer’s market downtown. I’m excited, I haven’t ever gone to that one (just the little one we have up here, and the one we have at home which is huge). I’m hoping to find some nice veggies/fruits and maybe pick up some of the amish pretzels that were talked about in the paper this week. I do love pretzels. And handmade/homemade pretzels sounds like a good idea. Maybe even a gift worthy idea 😉 although I don’t know how those would keep. Might have to wait til it’s closer to time to send out a package. I am surprised at my word count. Although this is just a rambling post so I probably shouldn’t be. It’s not really THAT long. At least by college standards (in terms of the papers I have to write, etc.).  The plus about going through all my music, is that I remember some of these songs that I just got somewhere and that are good, or at least not horrible. It’s just funny some of the ones that are good. And some of the unexpected ones.

alright. I should probably just finish this entry. It’s been a long one. And I’m just writing stream of consciousness. Believe it or not this did start out to have a theme…it just got lost somewhere along the way. I’ll blame the caffeine in my cokezero (which I’m actually drinking to settle my sausage laden stomach – it works!)

Just one last comment on the job search. It’s getting really difficult. Not on the finding things. But on getting people to not ask. I mean I talk about what I’m doing after school, because I’m hopefully not going to grad school (I’m like the only person lol). But then I’m like well I can’t talk about which agency I’m applying for (honestly, it’s the same with most agencies in the US government regardless of what the purpose of the agency is). They keep reading things into it that just aren’t true, but I don’t want to talk about it just in case I give something away. At this point it’s not that big a deal. But I just worry that people are assumign things when I’m like well I can’t talk about it. But really what I’m worried about is that I want this as a career. I really do. Honestly I’ve wanted this since I was about 12, that’s why I always lived the “right” way (no drugs, no drinking, no questionable friends, etc. – I might be a little boring, but I’m clean). But it’s also a little scary. What if it turns out not to be compatible with Brett’s career? That’s the only thing that worries me. I mean I know I have to be happy. But I would be sad if our relationship had to end not because of problems, but because of geography and job concerns. Of course this is MUCH too early to worry about. I haven’t even sent in my real application yet (have to fill that out this weekend…).

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