Posted by: epsyck | September 29, 2007

later today there will be a pretty photo post…

but for now I just want to discuss my awesome Mac and Cheese day. I made my mom’s recipe, which involves making a rue first (which makes it more creamy), and it turned out well.

I also discovered my new favorite cooking supplies company. Bob’s Red Mill has been around since the 70s, uses antique grinding stones made of granite and sells unusual grains. It’s the first place I’ve been able to find museli like we ate in russia and they also sell KASHA! I’ve missed kasha sooo much.  It’s hard to explain if you’ve never had it, because it really is an aquired taste. But yummy!

hopefully tonight when I finish more homework and run down to the store, I’ll be able to post a pretty photo of some cinamon rolls (my grandpa’s recipe – although I short cut and just use premade bread dough, I don’t have a heavy duty mixer here to make it up myself).


  1. Like the new look of the site! Your second package was mailed yesterday 🙂

  2. hehehe thanks! I originally set it up when I was in russia and using an internet cafe. So instead of going out on my saturday, I redesigned my blog lol.

    the header is actually a view of the Volga River in Russia, and this was basically the view I saw when I walked to the corner (i.e. walked past the end of our apartment building).

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