Posted by: epsyck | September 29, 2007

Lemon Pepper Chicken Pieces

I’m using this to catalog my made-up recipes. Here is what I’m making for dinner tonight (as well as perhaps for later in the week over a salad?)

aprox 2-4 T lemon juice (or one fresh lemon if you can find one – I couldn’t today)
3 cloves garlic (chopped)
aprox 2 T olive oil

mix ingredients together in tupperware container (or anything else, it’s just what I used and you’ll see why in a second). Mix using fork or spoon.

Cut aprox 1 lb thin cut chicken cutlets into slices (mine ended up being about 2 inches long and about a half inch wide, but that part is all up to you). Put chicken pieces into tupperware. Put on top and shake. Marinade for atleast half an hour.

Heat skillet with oil, fry/sauté chicken pieces until cooked through.

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