Posted by: epsyck | October 1, 2007


So today has been not so great. I couldn’t sleep, so I watched the sun rise over the skyline. It was pretty, but I would have preferred to sleep. Then I studied, went to class, took notes for my thesis, was blown off by a professor for a class I don’t even want to be in, did more thesis research, went back to another class (with said professor). Then had to run across campus, pick up homework from the 7th floor (which is really the 6th floor, because it starts on floor 2) of a building with one ancient elevator which holds MAYBE 6 people. Then I got to go home. Had a great lunch/dinner (probably the best part of the day, and it’s a two in one because I don’t have time for lunch) – leftover lemon pepper chicken, baked asparagus (with just olive oil, kosher sea salt, and fresh pepper), and some bread (speaking of which, have to find a loaf pan so I can bake some bread this weekend). Then it’s been homework aaaaall evening. I had been planning on going until at least 8 and more likely 9, but I may just be done – not in that there is no more work, but more in that I am exhausted. Oh, and I watered the plant and cleaned the fishtank as well – but those are weekly things so it’s no big deal.

my room is still a mess. but maybe this weekend?

Also I’m sort of sad. If I get the job I’m applying for, it means my relationship with my boyfriend is over (it would require me moving overseas, which I’m ok with, but he can’t do – this is only an issue because we were sort of planning on getting married). But everyone keeps telling me to just go for it, and I know they’re right because I really would always wonder if I stopped applying now.

Anyway, time to take notes on a few more articles. That’s the least I can do. And then I can watch Dexter and once again try the heel on my sock. Nothing like socks and serial killers.

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