Posted by: epsyck | October 3, 2007


So I do in fact have an ear infection. A viral middle ear infection to be exact. This is only meaningful because it means that I can’t hear, I have a super annoying earache, and apparently there is nothing I can do (that’s the viral part). But it should clear up in a few days. Also I finally found otu why I have tinnitis. Apparently I have some scarring in my ear. This is mostly just interesting. I find ears very interesting. Who knows why. Maybe it’s all the tiny little bones. (anyway, the scarring isn’t actually a big deal – just an annoyance).

Also, I am royally screwed for school πŸ™‚ I do the smiley thing because this happens every semester, but my god I only have two more left. Basically. I have a thesis chapter by chapter outline due tomorrow (which I wrote this evening after the fire drill), a 5 chapter midterm in russian (which I will most likely fail), and all the normal work I have to do. This is an issue because I barely have time for all that to begin with. Then add my ear infection and I really do want to sleep all the time.

Oh, and I found a sweater I think I want to make for myself.

it’s the ribbed turtle neck. And the yarn isn’t that expensive either. I’m thinking about it, but must finish what I’m knitting now…

also, cast on for another pair of socks. This is not a good sign. Although I did do it while I was decompressing before I go to bed in a couple minutes (it’s early, I know, but I will get up at 7 and do more reading…)

I can’t believe tomorrow is already wednesday 😦

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