Posted by: epsyck | October 6, 2007

second of two posts!

So, seriously, I have the BEST secret pal ever! I got my second package yesterday and here are my photos!

first, there’s the major photo, the whole package. Isn’t it great!

mmmmm…maple sugar! Which is good because I’m almost out of the stuff I bought at the state fair.

the yarn is a little greener and less gray than this shows, but aren’t the needles/yarn pretty! It’s a forest green 🙂

ooo, pretty stitch markets!

ok, so here’s the whole list
– honey sticks (which are awesome, I haven’t had these in years! we used to get them all the time when I was little and went to the farmers market)
-the maple candy (mmmmm)
-a set of crystal palace bamboo needles, size 1 1/2 (great for my start of sock knitting!)
-some yarn with which to knit socks! (forest green, wool)
-3 CDs (swing mix – which I haven’t listened to yet, but I’m looking forward to it)
-the two stitch markers (green or purple, very pretty)
-and finally a really great little sewing kit, with pretty much everything needed for small sewing needs. This is great because I actually have to hem a pair of pants, and I don’t want to take out my entire sewing machine and I’m just weird enough to not have a hand sewing kit)

so yay! I’m veeeery lucky to have my pal!



  1. I’m glad you like your second package. That sewing kit was SO much fun to make. Have a great weekend!

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