Posted by: epsyck | October 11, 2007


So this weekend I’m going out to PA to visit the boyfriend. This is happy because it means I can get some work done on the train ride (it’s about 4 hours on the train, and then an hour and a half in the car – usually I can take a train that goes closer, but with the whole class until 11:15 I can’t get that train). It also means that I get to see him for the first time in a few weeks. Hopefully I’ll get to cook something fun for him, but it seems like he’s more interested in things like Sloppy Joes, etc. Oh well, it prepares me for cooking for an 8 year old. I love the train. Especially if it isn’t packed (hopefully it won’t be – 2 pm on a friday should be busy but mostly businessmen, which is doable).

Unfortunately when I go back out there for election day, it’s going to be a little weird because of my schedule, his, and the train schedule. But we’ll manage.

In other news, his sweater is coming along…but not as quickly as I would like (of course). I still have almost 20 decrease repeats (i.e. 40 rows) before I get to start the collar. This is what I get for having a huge boyfriend…he’s now only getting hats, mittens, scarves, and socks!


  1. Have fun in PA! I’m glad to hear the sweater is close to completion. IMHO that’s the best part of any project, when you can almost taste victory 🙂 And the Avast pattern is such a charming sweater when it’s done; something men will actually wear! My husband loves his.

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