Posted by: epsyck | October 15, 2007

so today I spent almost $200

And not on anything fun either! Well, not on yarn or dvds or anything like that. Instead I bought train tickets. One for the election day holiday to visit the boy in PA (we get two days off – that’s one of the benefits of the 68 riots that shut down CU, although we did lose columbus day for it). And then another for new years. We had thought about staying in nyc for new years (since I would have an apartment) but instead we’re heading out to PA (he’ll pick me up when I take the train down from syracuse) which will be nice. I’ll just have to make sure I buy our champagne in NY (Pennsylvania laws are weird…you can’t buy beer in supermarkets and they only just started to allow bottle shops to sell 6 packs and not just cases of beer…then again I lived in Russia for two months where the liquor section takes up more space than the entire grocery store I live above). That being said, I was in Canada for new years last year, so we had a few drinks there too. Best new years ever. Niagara Falls!

but it also means I have to start collecting recipes he’ll actually eat! (he’s a bit picky, and we are NOT eating out every night from December 28-January 7) I’m already planning our new years eve menu (all little finger foods -it’s a family tradition in my house) and what we’re going to do. Cause we have to have at least one day when we do something fun, otherwise we’ll get silly and bored and have cabin fever.

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