Posted by: epsyck | October 18, 2007

so today was a little mixed

– bought (well paying the boy back for) a 2 food pink christmas tree! (pre lit with clear lights no less) ==> TEN DOLLARS!
– realized my fish wasn’t all that stressed by his cleaning yesterday because he built a bubble nest today!
– got my second recommendation for grad school (just waiting to hear back about one more)
– decided that (at least for the time being) I am going to be concentrating on grad school rather than the job I was applying for…basically I think I’m not ready for that level of commitment that they want (I’m only 21, I can’t promise to work there for 30 years, and I don’t really want to lose the boy for it)
– finally decided to knit this in the jaeger trinity that I have (in a discontinued silver color), I will be buying the pattern whenever I finish the boy’s sweater

– the boy just bumped the back of his garage with his car (he loves his car, possibly more than me, it’s also something he will not be able to get replaced as it’s a police interceptor model of the crown vic, and he’s already replaced the bumper once b/c he backed into a snowbank while we were on vacation)
– had a migraine last night (but it cleared up in time to get at least 7 hours of sleep so I was tired but not dying so I guess it wasn’t a huge horrible minus)
– I think I pulled a muscle working out on tuesday – that’s why I HATE split weight training (i.e. when you do half your muscles one day and half the other day), I tend to over do it, and I always feel uneven, I much prefer a total body a few times a week

also, have you ever noticed that like EVERYONE is pregnant right now?

oh, and I’m a little excited. The boy is seeing his (almost finished) sweater for the first time this weekend. The last time he was in town I hid it. But I want to try it on him to make sure it fits. And that he likes it. Although he knows just to lie even if he doesn’t since i’ve been working on that thing since may! (I started it when I was moving out from my last room, and then knit it in russia, at home, and once again in NYC – it’s a well traveled sweater)

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