Posted by: epsyck | October 19, 2007

I am at that point, where I want to knit EVERYTHING. There are like 15 projects that I want to start and knit and work on. But I can’t, because I actually have things to do. But the current obsessions are the end paper mitts (which might be crazy since i’ve NEVER done color work – just never got around to it) and the twisted yoke cardigan (which I actually have yarn for I think, just need to swatch).

In other news,  I have solved my thesis problem. I have a topic. It’s a good one. I know it’s a good one. But one of my advisors doesn’t like it. Also, I am afraid of said advisor (as in I dread going to her office to discuss this). So what will I do? Officially, I’m going to talk to my major advisor (who is different from my thesis advisor) on tuesday, but unofficially – either I’m getting rid of the advisor or I’m getting rid of the political science major. This is the great thing about being a dual major – I can actually drop that one to a minor and still be fine! It’s not that I don’t love poli sci, it’s just that the head of the department is a dragon lady and I’m terrified of her. And she also happens to be the only one on staff who knows anything about russia. Honestly, this has made me incredibly happy. I know I can write this paper without a problem. I know how to do it. I’ve written papers before. It’s just that she doesn’t like what I’m doing. And I do have to start.

really the part that got me, was that she said there was no debate in whether Putin is  moving forward (i.e. in terms of more reforms and democracy) or backward (not necessarily soviet union backward, but backward relative to Yeltsin). There is nothing but debate. I currently have about 100 pages of it printed out ready to read. So I don’t know what journals she’s reading that don’t have debate on the topic.

I won’t have internet this weekend (one of the pluses of going up to the boyfriend’s parent’s summer house – there is only a dial up connection), so obviously I won’t be posting. But I will hopefully be taking photos so perhaps I can show off our crazy adventures with pumpkins/apples/whatever. And I will try the boyfriend sweater on for size (and hope for the best! I did meet gauge, but being annoying like all boys are, he has of course changed shape a bit since I started the sweater). And I will be writing a 5-8 page paper analyzing a journal article written in the mid 1800s by a russian radical. It’s actually a really interesting article, so I don’t mind doing it. And it’s due in a few weeks so I want to bang that out and then just work on the other paper for that class, as well as the dreaded first chapter draft for my thesis.

Oh, and I’m doing laundry all weekend. Literally. I’m bringing my laundry upstate. And doing my grocery shopping up there (it’s only an hour and a half away but the prices are SO MUCH CHEAPER – that’s what I get for living in manhattan).

And in the good news front. Other people do understand why I’m not super keen on the government job (i.e. I could actually die – all I wanted was an interesting job in a cubical in the pentagon but now they want me to be like Felix Leiter or something). And a library job would be much easier to find in multiple areas (and I would enjoy it). I’m really starting to get behind an idea brett and I have had for a while that basically involves him either getting a teaching job at his alma mater or working with a friend of the family (who has offered him a job already) designing power plants (which he finds very interesting and enjoys) and I could get a job at one of the academic institutions in NYC which would also allow me to work on my eventual slavic masters degree (which will let me advance to an eventual hopeful goal of specialized slavic reference librarian). And then we could either live in Jersey (which I wouldn’t mind – we could be in Hoboken if he got a job at Stevens – that means bunnies, pizza, and a crazy view of the skyline!) or on long island (I think both of us have this crazy fantasy of buying his parents house because they’re planning to move and retire – but realistically we couldn’t afford it, even with the housing market as it is. it’s not a huge house, it’s actually comparable to my family’s house which is about 80k, it’s just that it’s in LI, and it’s near an LIRR commuter station, and it’s really beautiful, honestly if I lived in that house, I think I would be happy forever).

Of course it’s silly to be planning too much. But I am officially an adult when I graduate. I turn 22 about a week after graduation, and 22 is real adult time. 21 is sort of a mid point, the tipping point, if you will. You’ve just become legally allowed to drink (in the US at least) so you aren’t yet a real adult, but at the same time, you’re legally an adult (in terms of contracts and debts). So I see 22 as the real adult time. But yeah. I just need to wait to talk to someone to get my last rec for grad school. And then I’m done!

P.S. Can I say I’m super excited to find out who my SP is next month! It’s just been so awesome that I can’t WAIT to actually get to say thank you for real!


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