Posted by: epsyck | October 22, 2007

back home…

There will perhaps be photos this evening, at the moment it’s a quick update before I go make soup and get to work.

This weekend was great. Even though the boy was a few hours late getting into the city (he left his laptop at home and didn’t realize til he was an hour out of state college), and we ended up having dinner at like 9 pm (but it was worth it – red rooster drive in has THE best food ever!), getting to the house was nice.

I should probably explain. His parents have a summer house in standfordville, ny (which is maybe an hour and a half outside of manhattan). It’s in the middle of nowhere, with deer and squirrels etc. It’s also like 10 minutes away from where the NY Sheep and Wool Festival was held (that was the original reason for going up – but then for some reason my paycheck didn’t come this week? so I kiboshed the sheep and instead we went apple and pumpkin picking – but still got stuck in sheep traffic). Anyway, they basically have rebuilt the whole house, and it’s so NICE. It’s comfy and warm and cozy and away from the city. Which is nice.

Anyway, we picked apples that are probably about a half pound each (and bigger than some pumpkins I’ve seen). And I pranced through a field finding pumpkins (but so fun!). But I not have a very cute little round pumpkin on my desk to match my weeping fig and my fish.

Also went grocery shopping at Sam’s Club (I miss shopping in bulk – it’s just better for certain foods). And went to the greek pizza place twice. And ate pizza both times. (But we only go there once every few months, so it’s ok)

Mind you, I did very little work. And I will pay for that this week. But I needed it. This thesis debacle has been a little scary (it still is to be honest with you). Basically the woman who was supposed to help me, has caused me to be VERY behind. And I’ve talked to other professors and they all think she’s being crazy (i.e. that my topic is fine). But we will see. It’ll all be fine eventually, one way or the other.

But now, it’s time to eat soup and then do homework.

And must remember to start my christmas list (it’s a big deal in my family – we have to have them ready for thanksgiving because we have such a big family/people like to do their shopping during the sales). I think it’ll be knitting book heavy this year. Which is fun, I haven’t gotten actual presents for years (all during college it’s been either money for barnes and noble gift cards to pay for my text books – but this year I haven’t had any text books really). What made me think of that, is that I have been waffling on the fitted knits book for a while, but I think I’m going to go for it. To go with all my OTHER knitting books…(my friends think I’m nuts because I’ve just been accumulating them).



  1. We also picked up pumpkins this weekend 🙂 As for the Christmas list, you’re not nuts, you can never have enough knitting books. Never! Your third package is almost complete and will be in the mail early next week I suspect. I think that’s how it’s supposed to work, I send it so that it arrives to you before Nov 15 which is the end right? Either way I’m sending it, I’m to excited to let you know who I am.

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