Posted by: epsyck | October 27, 2007

so let’s see…

I now have a thesis topic, for real this time. Don’t really like it that much, but I needed SOMETHING. And I have written about it. So it’ll be fine.

I’m almost done with the boyfriend sweater! Like for real! I’m working on the folded over bit on the collar. Then I just have the edgings and some seaming etc. (which I haven’t done in ages). Once I finish that, it’s time to start socks for my aunt and mom for christmas. And maybe some little felted mice for the kittens (who are apparently still psychotic).

Speaking of kittens, my parents took them to the vet to get their nails clipped so that we can put those little nail covers on them (they have a habit of scratching – not on purpose, but since my mom is diabetic we have to make sure she doesn’t get any more wounds from the loving kitties). So first of all, when they brought the carriers out (we have two – they might actually be older than I am, but they’re sturdy and work well for vet visits), Webster (the only boy and gray tabby) hopped right into the smaller one and all my mom had to do was tap the butts of the two girls (Cally – mostly white calico, and harley the harlequin cat with her half black half orange face) and they walked right into the bigger one. It was surreal. But the funny part is that the package of the nail covers says something like 40 covers! that’s 4 full applications! My mother laughed at this. Because we don’t actually know how many toes there are on those cats, but it’s at least 7 per foot. In other kitten news, one of them climbed the screen in the window (and got halfway up), and one of the girls watches and learns (apparently how to open the screen door, although she can’t jump up high enough, and also how to turn on the water in our water tank thing – we have one of those water coolers like in the office in our kitchen). They’re psychotic.

Ummmm…yeah. Today I will be in the library ALL DAY. I will go in when they open at 10 (so I should probably get on the whole shower and breakfast thing). And I will leave when they close at 6. Or, alternately, if I finish my history paper before 6 I can leave then. 8 pages should only take me 8 hours, so I should be able to finish it today (which is good since it’s due on monday). Although technically I have two pages already, I think I’m going to scrap them and reformat the paper.

Now I just have to decide what to make for dinner tonight (I finished off the last of my prepared food in the fridge – I cook a ton on the weekends and then just eat through the week because of my strange schedule). Ate out last night (well, ordered out), so I actually do have to cook today. And go grocery shopping. Boo.

Less than a week til my long weekend in PA! We rioted in 68 and consequently have two days off for election day (monday and tuesday) but lost columbus day. But that means I’m skipping out at like 10:30 on friday and spending 4 days with the bunnies. Although I will be writing a russian midterm over the break (which is surreal – watch a dubbed/subtitled documentary she chose and write about it in russian, how I’m supposed to write about a russian documentary dubbed into english in russian I don’t know but that was her choice), workload shouldn’t be TOO horrible. Although thesis work will need to be done.

and because I just realized I have never shown off the kittens…here they are!

the kittens!


  1. Kitties are so cute! Your final package will be in the mail today. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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