Posted by: epsyck | October 31, 2007

So I’ve decided

That sometime around noon or 1pm every day one of the local fire trucks (engine 27 if I’m not mistaken) shows up at West Side Market to pick up lunch. Every time I see them I get giddy. I always wanted to be a firefighter. Sadly, I am far too small to do it. 😦

In other news, all I have left in the sweater are the edgings and the seams. It’s a little anticlimactic? But I am dying to finish so that I can go buy the zipper in PA this weekend.

Ummm…also, I highly reccomend the Ommegang Brewery Abbey Ale. I randomly wanted a beer tonight and we had to go to the market to get halloween sprinkles and milk anyway, so I suggested me and my friend jess split a beer (they come in two pint bottles about the size of a small bottle of wine, complete with cork!). And it was good. A little high on the alcohol content for me (8.something%) but tasty. Actually, I chose it because my dad (the beer snob) likes their stuff and also because they are an upstate NY microbrewery (Cooperstown to be exact – so I can go indulge the boy at the baseball museum AND go to the brewery!). My next try is the 3 philosophers which apparently has some sort of fruit liquor or some such nonesense. But it’s pretty. And I am always willing to give it a try.

But all in all it was a good day. Good beer. Got my window fixed (it apparently shifted in the frame? but tomorrow the glass company is coming in to replace the cracked pane). Picking up my new ID tomorrow (Boo hiss for new IDs). The Dnash CD came in the mail – Spanish boybands make everything better! And last but not least…I get paid tomorrow. After not getting paid last time. This means I can go buy fun things in central PA. Hopefully including icecream from the creamery. (Seriously, if anyone ever finds themselves in the middle of PA – go to the creamery. I don’t have if it’s an hour drive away…it is worth it. Ice cream made from cows you have to pass on the high way is always better).


  1. I’m so excited to see the finished sweater! When I knit this pattern up I found sewing in the zipper to be the most exciting part, I’m not good with a sewing machine so it was a small victory for me 🙂 I also enjoy specialty brews, one of the local pubs here, Swans, makes amazing stuff. Last night we had their Pumpkin Ale to celebrate halloween, but normally I order their Raspberry Ale or Oatmeal Stout.

    I shipped your last package on Tuesday so you should receive it soon, I can’t wait until this is no longer a secret.

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