Posted by: epsyck | November 8, 2007

I have officially bought my christmas yarn

My mother and Aunt requested socks for christmas. And I’ve been agonizing over what yarn to use. Well, I just picked… I was on (I was actually there to buy a book – advanced knitting architect, because I swear I am going to design a sweater to work on the tweed yarn I have!) and I just couldn’t justify paying as much for shipping as I did for the book. So I went to look at their sock yarn, and lo and behold I found some nice cotton stuff (which means it’s machine washable, important for them) in colors that hopefully won’t get lost in the wash.

Also, my fish had Ick, but is doing much better now. What is ick you ask? Well, it’s about as gross as it sounds. Basically they get a parasite and it looks like tons of little white crystals on the body of the fish. Luckily it’s also fairly easy to cure. So the fish looks MUCH better after just two applications of the blue stuff that stains my hands (and makes it look like he’s swimming in a toilet bowl). I also bought him a new hiding place, but he’s not too keen on the treasure chest yet. I’m not sure he has figured out he can swim in it yet.


  1. Have you received your reveal package? The delivery confirmation status shows it as delivered on November 7th and I just want to make sure you have received it 🙂

  2. 😀

    I did get it, of course I actually got it like the day after it got here (we have a silly mail system that makes other people get them and then they give us a slip then we claim it…it’s horribly complicated and confusing but for some reason we follow it blindly). And I’m sorry it took me so long!

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