Posted by: epsyck | November 13, 2007

So many reasons to yell wahoo!

Also, whenever I hear that (in my mind of course) I picture whoever played Albert Einstein in the early-mid 90s movie I.Q. yelling it as he rode away on the back of a motorcycle. Don’t ask. If you’ve seen the movie it’ll make sense.

Reason One: I finally found out who my Secret Pal is! So now that I know who you are…THANK YOU! Also, there will be a photo of my awesome last package coming. I promise. But due to illness (I had a weird flu-like thingy all weekend…but that’s ok because I’m better now) I have not touched my camera. But in my last super awesome package: Knitting Classic Style (OMG! Honestly, this is the first knitting book that I have not only enjoyed looking at the projects and the pictures, but also reading. It’s almost a historical study of fashion which totally floats my boat), some soap that I don’t think I will ever actually use (I have literally been sitting here smelling it and being super excited every time I come into my room and smell it – also obviously Kristy is the sneakiest person ever and somehow found out that I used to be obsessed with lemon basil soap and got some sweet basil soap, as well as the triple thai rice scented one that also makes me swoon and reminds me a little of fresh rice pudding). Also – Monkey socks! Not like the monkey socks I had when I was in high school (they actually had these little stuffed monkey heads attached at the heels made of pompoms or something – my parents were obsessed with buying me monkeys after we saw the drowsy chaperone in its pre-broadway days – I believe we saw it in Toronto?) but the lace pattern, and in a really pretty green color (I’ve already had roommates comment on how nice they are – which is saying something with my roomamtes, also, I think I have to actually try this pattern now that I’ve seen how pretty they are in real life) by the way they fit perfectly šŸ˜‰ And last but certainly not least, maple nut candies, which I have not yet broken into mostly because I was sick all evening. OH and I almost forgot…tea! Specifically the lipton white tea that I have seen but not yet tried (with those cool new pyramid tea bags…I don’t know why but I find them absolutely fascinating). I probably forgot about them mostly becauseI have been using them the most over the weekend (seriously, that mango white tea helped me get through the whole not able to eat anything more substantial than crackers and applesauce – luckily I have a LOT of applesauce in the apartment). I have had one in my travel mug (my method of choice for tea bags) since I opened the box (including at this very moment!).

So once again THANK YOU for making the whole secret pal thing AWESOME!

As for my other things to wahoo about: My advisor FINALLY submitted my rec for grad school! That means that (hopefully) I will (soon) hear about hear about my acceptance into the Masters program at Pitt! Also, I have a deep and undying love for librivox. It allowed me, instead of spending all evening reading Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground, to listen to it on my computer (or ipod as the case may be) and work on finishing up the boy’s sweater. I’ve seamed up one arm and am now debating how I’m going to do the little armpit seam. And then it’s just more mindless seaming. I probably won’t be able to start the christmas socks til thanksgiving (luckily I should have a decent amount of time before christmas to get them done…and they’re in a worsted yarn b/c people wanted more slipper socks than shoe socks).

But now I will eat another applesauce (really, I’m better now, I ate real food for dinner, it’s just that I love applesauce, and am tempted by the packages currently sitting on my windowsill next to all the books on Abkhazians for my thesis) and then go to bed. Because tomorrow I have to finish my Russian take home test (grrrraaargh). And go to the gym (for the first time in 2 weeks?). And remember to buy celery and almonds and ginger (which I forgot today…of course I always remember I meant to go to the grocery store near campus when I’m already three blocks uptown and one crosstown block to the east…much too far away to turn back when lunch is only a block away back home). Maybe if I blog it I will remember it?


  1. I’m so glad you liked your last package. The Monkey sock pattern is my favourite and that shi bui yarn was a dream to work with.

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