Posted by: epsyck | November 18, 2007

I’m not dead

But I still don’t really have any time for blogging…

I finished the boy’s sweater last night. All it’s lacking is a zipper (Which will be bought over thanksgiving).

And now I have to finish my thesis draft so that I don’t have to write it over the holiday. I don’t mind doing work. But I would prefer not writing about ethnic separatism and why it happens in the post-soviet world while I’m in a turkey and cake induced coma (we don’t have pumpkin pie b/c we have 3 birthdays around thanksgiving).

And closing post offices on sundays is dumb. It means that I can’t send out my last secret pal package until monday. At home the post office in the mall is open 7 days a week…pout.

But seriously…5 more pages on my draft and I can send it out. Because I want to be done with enough work that I can go out to dinner with the boy to Legal Seafood on monday (or lunch on wednesday depending on when he gets into town). We haven’t been to legal since the day I got back from Russia. Which for us is crazy. We usually go at least once a month.


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