Posted by: epsyck | November 28, 2007

my fish now has a 3 gallon tank

which is a little humorous because he is a betta. That being said, he swims laps like nobody’s business.

So being a senior has pluses and minuses.
-very little homework (my thesis draft is in, I have homework but no exam as such for my language class, just a 12 page paper for history)
-nice housing
-get to be the one who knows what barnard was like pre-big ugly construction wall with creepy silhouettes

-finding a job/place to live after graduation
-waiting to hear if you’ve been accepted to grad school
-the whole thesis thing

That being said, this year hasn’t been bad. And it doesn’t seem like it will be worse next semester. Waiting to hear back from the job people (have to schedule a spot in the info session and have an interview). And from the grad school people (should hear back within 2 weeks-ish). And from a few internships (I figure I should maybe try one at least, even though I’ll be working a bunch next semester).

Also, I am amazed at the horrific traffic conditions of NYC. Not so much the traffic (I’ve been used to that for about 2 years now…it taking 30 minutes to get across a bridge is no big deal), but that bad road design. Who the hell thought that designing a main highway that runs from JFK International to Manhattan that floods every time it rains was a good idea. Install some drains people! Consequently, my 7am arrival time in NYC made for a 2 hour+ drive into Manhattan with a final arrival time of about 10am. Which made it impossible to get to my 10 am class (never mind that I’ve taken that flight about 10 times and have ALWAYS been able to make it back for either work or class at 9am).

Also in other news, when I get back after the holidays I am starting to train for a mini-triathlon. Do I think I will actually compete in one? Not really. The only one I know of is in Lake Placid (I know about it because I was working up there one summer while it was going on) and those people are world class athletes. But I do think it’ll be fun. And keep me entertained and working out once I don’t actually have to.

Speaking of the new year…I need to come up with christmas present ideas for the boyfriend. What does that have to do with new years you ask? Well, since we are spending christmas with our respective families, we celebrate christmas (second year running) around new years. Last year we had a beautiful hot tub suite at the Embassy Suites in Niagara Falls with an incredible view of the falls. This year, we’ll be in State College, PA because he’s doing the commentary for Penn State’s bowl game, but honestly, I think it’ll be just as fun. The first year you feel the need to do crazy exciting things, the second year it’s more laid back. Maybe I’ll have him buy me my new cellphone?

Now it’s time for embarrassing confessions: I just opened my copy of the last Harry Potter book. This is embarrassing because I pre-ordered it. And when I bought it I was super excited. But I was in Russia when it came, and by the time I got back I had to pack so I could move, and life got in the way. And I didn’t really care (I’ll be honest). But I opened the package today (yes, it was still in the box from barnes and noble) and I will maybe read it over break. I will also reread the entire series before I read it (don’t ask…it’s something I always do when I get a book in the series, it helps me remember all the little things). The exciting thing though is that I will be reading at least the first book in Russian. I bought them while I was abroad (the first 4 or 5 – the last one wasn’t translated until October-ish) and read half of it while I was there, but ran out of time once classes started.

The holiday was fun, although a little sad (the first without Grandma…who died while I was in Russia), and I was attacked repeatedly by cats. We’re pretty sure they will be ginormous when they are adults. This is, of course, a word that implies they will be bigger than huge, larger than enourmous. They’re only 5-6 months old and they are already bigger than some of our past cats. And they have tufted ears which would imply either a maine coon cat or possibly some kind of wild animal (they were found as a stray litter in a park in upstate NY…you never know). They are cute though…when they aren’t trying to kill my ponytail or assuming that my toes are mice and therefore ideal to attack.

I have a sock mostly done…but it’s too long? I followed the formula, but it’s about an inch or so too long. I may have to take it out (again) and fix that. Or just remove a few rows before the heel (I knit the heel in a contrasting color, so I’m fairly sure I could do it) and learn to graft. And I have about 2 inches of my christmas-y sweater – i.e. the sweater I started when the boy was in surgery because we thought he was going to die from a brain tumor (which instead turned out to be an unusually thick lump in his skull-which now means he literally is thickheaded). Unfortunately it was WAY too big. So I’ve downsized and will be altering the pattern to play up the fact that it’s corset shaped. I’m thinking about adding more lacing and changing the straps to be a little less tween spaghetti strap to a little more ooh-la-la (if that makes sense). Hopefully to finish it in time to wear to the family christmas dinner. Because I have to be all stylish being the City Girl.


  1. I love that your betta has a fish mansion – I always thought mine looked too cramped in the little bowl, but that’s what the geek at the pet store said I was “supposed” to keep him (her?) in…

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