Posted by: epsyck | December 2, 2007

I try not to complain in this blog

But oof. I am having some serious health issues. I know it isn’t stress (because I have no stress right now, well at least not enough to cause problems). But anyway, I have been nauseous for the past month. No, I’m not pregnant, but I might be developing an ulcer.

Or just have a really annoying virus.

But I have one of my aunt’s socks finished, and the toe done on the other. Then I just have to quickly knit mom’s pair.

Tomorrow we’re going to the Union Square Holiday Market. Maybe picking up a gift or two (but I have to be sure to go to the bank first to get money…except that I don’t because I just realized that I have a 50$ bill in my ID holder – I let a friend put her plane ticket to England on my credit card and she gave me 50$ that day and is giving me the rest of it on Tuesday).

I think I’m going to go grab some of my awesome red currant jam on a slice of bread so that I can possibly settle my stomach at least a little bit. I just hope it isn’t milk/dairy. I used to have problems with it when I was little but I outgrew it (by the way…soy milk has come a LONG WAY since the late 80s/early 90s). I’ve been wondering for a few years if that’s where my stomach problems come from (at first we thought it was bacon – it isn’t although bacon does cause migraines).

Yeah, I’m going to turn into one of those people who can eat 4 foods.

BUT…all I have for the rest of the semester is a 12 page paper on Russian Positivism (using science as a life philosophy etc.), two russian take home tests, and a 15 minute oral exam. This is doable. Really, it is. This is the first time in YEARS that I haven’t had over 50 pages due at the end of the semester. I mean I have my thesis due next semester, but I’ll bang out maybe 20 pages over break (that’s my goal).

And really, I am stopping after this…has anyone seen enchanted (yes the 3 people who read this)? The Patrick Dempsey movie… Well, it was filmed outside my window sophomore year. I was sitting in my room on the 8th floor of Hewitt Hall (built in the early 1900s, the 8th floor was originally servants rooms so they have beautiful attic ceilings and really big rooms for singles, but no elevator to that floor and the only window is at roof level and tiny). And it was light outside my window. This wouldn’t normally be an issue, except it was like 1am (ah the life of a college student). I look outside and HOLY CRAP there’s a guy on a crane outside my window. With a light reflector. Filming Patrick Dempsey at the corner of 116th and Claremont. It was even weirder than Freddie Prinz Jr and Mena Suvari outside my window freshman year (although not as good as seeing U2 perform during filming their video…also outside my window).

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