Posted by: epsyck | December 4, 2007

childhood crushes and job interviews

Today JTT came into the library to return a book and pay a fine. JTT of Home Improvement and Lion King fame. It was so strange. Also, he is not attractive anymore. But he seemed like a nice enough guy, which in the long run is more important.

Tomorrow I have an interview. Not quite for a job, but for an internship. It’s at this non-profit called ART – Art Resource Transfer and basically they send books about modern art free of charge to libraries and schools. Given how expensive these books are, there would be no other way for many places to afford these things. Unfortunately it’s all the way down in Chelsea – which means a hike to the blue line to take down to 23rd (26th? – don’t worry I’ll check the directions before I go down). Which is a pain since it means I will lose most if not all of my downtime before thesis seminar (I know, I complain, but that class is a bit painful, and the extra time is used to do russian homework). But I won’t complain. It should be interesting if nothing else. But I have to remember to write down all my directions and not get lost. Also, pray that it is warmer tomorrow so I can wear my adult outfit and not freeze.



  1. hehehehe ‘my adult outfit’, love it, that’s awesome 🙂

  2. it’s true though! it’s hard to look responsible when it’s really really cold out (although it’s never THAT cold in NYC – not like home. I think the city would shut down with a -20 windchill)

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