Posted by: epsyck | December 6, 2007

The interview went ok. We’ll see what happens. I called annoyingly secretive job interview people (not the internship people, the other job that I have been waiting forever to hear back about an info session/interview). And maybe they’ll decide to call me back. Maybe not. There’s something very annoying about having to call a 1-800 number 8-5 (which is HORRIBLE time for me – especially right now), and not having an email or direct line or anything to get more information. I mean I understand why they do that, but it sucks.

In knitting news, I am almost done with the second christmas sock for my aunt. All it’s missing is a few rows of ribbing to finish off the cuff. But I am not finishing it tonight. Maybe tomorrow between work and gym (my last gym class ever! yes I am excited – I should have finished it last year but I destroyed my ankle so had to defer). Then my last history class (I’m actually going to miss that class…not the people, but I’m in love with my professor – he is THE authority on this topic and he’s about 100 years old – I kid, but actually he is at least 80).

I get to go out to PA for an entire week this monday. Of course I will have to write a paper (or finish it depending on how much I get done this weekend) and prepare for my Russian final. But still – snow, Hawaiian pizza, ice cream (best ice crem ever – Ben and Jerry learned to make it at their ice cream course, and you drive past the cows on the way to campus), HDTV, a comfy couch, and dinner at Garfield’s. It’s a nice end of semester present.

And I’ve managed to keep his presents secret this year! Last year we both knew what eachother’s presents were (he got an ipod and I got a nintendo DS and a few games) but this year we’re managing to keep them (mostly) secret. I know I’m probably getting the America’s Favorite Lost Recipes (which has a recipe for my FAVORITE thing I ate in Russia) and he knows about his sweater, but the rest is secret. Luckily, I can share here since he doesn’t know what he’s getting (I keep it secret from him by telling EVERYONE ELSE).
So Brett’s presents as of this moment (he’ll probably end up with something else at some point):
-Avast in charcoal gray
-policeman christmas ornament with his name and 2007 (he’s an NYPD auxilliary officer – something I’m very proud of. although I do get a little nervous now when he goes out. In march? two auxilliary officers were killed when some nut went on a rampage and shot a bartender and the two auxiliaries who were across the street and following at a safe distance. Brett was one of the first on scene after the shooting stopped, one of his friends and former coworkers at NYU was the guy who actually shot the gunman, and Brett rode in the ambulance to the morgue with one of the kids – and he was a kid, younger than me even. it was traumatic, but in my family you grew up knowing that you can’t control things like that and that it’s more important to help people than to worry about what might happen – my grandpa and uncles are all firefighters.)
-he’s also getting a book which is super top secret
-and the strangest gift – a duck embedded in soap

the duck is a little weird, but I swear it makes sense. I made a joke about how he should decorate his bathroom in ducks. One duck turned into three turned into 6 turned into more than I can count. It’s ducktastic! So I thought one more duck would be a nice touch. Perhaps it can sit on his duck soap dish, next to his duck toothbrush holder and duck liquid soap dispenser. The only thing that isn’t ducks is the toilet seat…and that’s only because the one he bought wouldn’t fit. Mind you, this is all my fault. We both have a tendency to go overboard on things like this. One joke turns into a huge trend. Which is probably why I have 100 or so llamas that I’ve collected over the years. I just can’t let it go lol.

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