Posted by: epsyck | December 6, 2007

Another JTT sighting

he was in the library once again, just returning two books this time. I don’t know why this is so exciting. But it’s a big thing when he comes in.

I finished my aunt’s socks, and am working on my mom’s. If I get going I MIGHT be able to finish the toe tonight. speaking of socks…have you ever noticed that sometimes you get pooling with varigated yarns? I’m sure you have becaues it’s like THE sock topic at the moment. But I bet you (unlike me) don’t think of Gonzo (from the muppets) going “Poodly Poooodly Poooodly!” whenever colors start to pool. (It’s from muppet treasure island…if you haven’t seen it, go see it! the last good muppet movie. and tim curry as a pirate!)

But honestly, my favorite part of the holiday season, more than trees, stockings, and presents  (and the whole religious significance) is that I get to watch my favorite holiday movie – The Claymation Christmas Special. I love it so much I have it on DVD (along with the easter and halloween specials). Nothing says Christmas like Camels singing christmas carols and dated stereotypes!


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