Posted by: epsyck | December 7, 2007

I’ve seen two end of year posts within two days

That means that I am required to make one (in a completely unrelated topic – IT’S SNOWING!).

The good and the bad:

Good: Got to go to Russia after dreaming about it for years.
Bad: Grandma died 3 days after I got there (but I did call her just before I left)
Good: Got a call back on my dream job application
Bad: They haven’t returned my calls about setting up an interview (and I was returning their call)
Bad: Dream job also switched departments on me and makes it a little less dream job-y
Good: this semester wasn’t too bad (Especially now at the end, just one 12 page paper to write and an oral exam in Russian)
Bad: My thesis.
Good: I finally have a thesis topic at least?
Good: spending my 21st Birthday with Brett at a Yankees-Red Sox game (this is all out of order…oh well)
Good: spending Jess’s 21st birthday in Atlantic City
Bad: not getting to spend our 1st anniversary/Brett’s 25th birthday together
Good: Valentine’s Day/Half Anniversary (or 6 monthiversary) spent in the super awesome WABC box complete with catered lunch and a killer view of a Rangers hockey game courtesy of Brett’s dad (who works for WABC)
Good: getting my job back! (it was touch and go due to dumb policies on Seniors working on campus)
Good: Secret Pal, Ravelry, and getting really back into knitting after being sort of eh on it for a few years (well, that and my hands recovering enough to actually knit again)
Bad: Brett being way too close to those two auxiliary officers who were killed (it was tough on all of us)
Bad: Brett’s surgery (they thought he had a tumor wrapped around an artery which would have possibly fatal)
Good: The outcome of Brett’s surgery (Turned out he only has a weird lump of bone – noncancerous – where the skull is thicker; he was upset because it meant he had a painful surgery, but I was relieved that he wasn’t going to die a horrible death)
Good: he didn’t blow his nose after surgery (it’s a long story..but if he had, he would have ruptured something and started bleeding like crazy, not something that would have been really bad, but something that would have been a minor complication)

All in all, it was a good year. Bad things happened (too many deaths – I guess I should include my uncle because although he died in 2006 we buried him in 2007, brett’s illness, etc.) but the majority of it was ok in the end. And what next year will hold is a complete mystery! Which is part of the fun. As long as I don’t have to watch football all day every day during new years (I don’t mind a game or even maybe two a day, but I can’t watch football for a week straight, not even bowl games), I would say it will continue to be ok.

All in all, I’d say

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