Posted by: epsyck | December 10, 2007

Off on a week long “vacation” tomorrow

Tomorrow is my last class of the semester. So of course it’s starting 45 minutes early so we can watch a movie on a Soviet poet we’ve been translating. Joy of Joys. But my prof usually brings muffins, so that’s good. And after that there’s only a 2 page paper and an oral exam. And then I’m done for this semester!

This has been a fairly productive weekend, both knitting and otherwise.
– finished 3 of 4 christmas socks (i.e. 1 1/2 pairs done).
– my sock yarn was delivered on friday, but I haven’t been able to pick it up yet (hopefully tomorrow in time to go out to PA with the boy for a week).
– swatched for the military cardigan from Knitting Classic Style. the random tweed I have is perfect for gague and looks nice in the cables. Assuming I can finish it in time and not have too many mistakes, I think I’m going to enter it in the state fair (I’ve been dying to enter the fair since I was little, we go every year, and my parents live about 5 minutes away from the fairgrounds)
– wrote a 12 page paper on Russian positivism. Yay! the last history paper of my college career. And it wasn’t that painful. Only took two days. (turning it in tomorrow, a full week early)

Unfortunately, I didn’t start packing or clean my room. So that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow. I’ve got someone to feed the fish for the week I’m gone, and in return my roommates are allowed to eat whatever food I’m leaving in the fridge (except my parmasan cheese). We’ll be leaving SUPER late on monday evening (he goes to pick up his ID at 8…so we probably won’t get out of the city til 9, and it’s a 4-5 hour drive). But it’ll be a great week. Knitting, shopping, wrapping some of his christmas presents, etc.

I have to remember to get my stocking from my grandparents’ house. We have these handknit stockings made by some friend of my grandmother or the wife of some friend of my grandfather. We haven’t used them since my uncle got remarried and his kids started coming to christmas (they didn’t have stockings), but my mom has been asking me to make stockings since I started to knit (like 6 years ago?). The best part is that since I now know the basics of sock construction, I can use all the charts in my Russian book on christmas stockings. It only cost the equivalent of 4$ and is the translation of the stocking shaped book that you can get here in the states for like 20$. Don’t ask me how that works. But that’s the goal for next year. Everyone will get christmas stockings, perhaps filled stockings. I am curious about the construction techniques used on those ancient stockings though. Heel flap? Short row? Intarsia? Duplicate stitch?

I think I’m officially a knit geek.


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