Posted by: epsyck | December 13, 2007

It’s like the fates don’t WANT me to knit

So I’m out in PA, horrible weather, but it’s nice to get to spend time with the boy. Anyway, back to what’s important, knitting.

Got out here at 2am-ish on monday night/tuesday morning (they shut I-80…who the heck shuts I-80?!? I mean it was for a good reason I GUESS – a tractor trailer hauling latex gloves caught fire, I’m glad none of my family was trying to put that one out, that would be a bad one). Tuesday night I smashed my thumb on the recliner frame while climbing under to get one of my size 4 double pointed needles that I dropped into the couch. It turned purple (my mother of course suggested draining it, I replied that I would stick a needle through my nail just as soon as they were building snowmen in Hell). Now it’s ok though. A little tender, but no pain.

So of course, I had to hurt myself again. While I was cooking our (very late) dinner, I accidentally caught my finger on the toaster oven shelf. So my middle finger is currently blistering and still hurts like heck about 3 hours later. But the boy bought me some pain reliever stuff and I feel a little bit better – although still very sore.

Consequently, not much knitting. The final Christmas sock is almost done, just needs the ribbing (which I’m waiting until I get back home to do). I made the boy a mini sock for his christmas tree with leftover scraps of blue/green/gray cotton sock yarn (I had to represent myself on his tree – it’s full of santas his mom crocheted for him). And I’ve started the pink and green sock. I LOVE IT. The yarn is a dream, the colors are spectacular, and it turns out that the color change is long enough that in short-row heel/toe you get sort of like thick tiger stripes, While on the leg (at least for me) it ends up being thinner stripes. I’m very happy with it and will purchase from that etsy seller again!

Now if only my hand will stop hurting so I can work more on it.



  1. I can’t wait to see pictures of the pink and green socks!

  2. That sucks. I’d be SOOO screwed if I hurt my hand because I still have quite a bit of xmas knitting to do. I hope it feels better soon and you don’t injure anything else.

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