Posted by: epsyck | December 16, 2007

I forgot what it’s like to live somewhere with weather

After moving from Syracuse to NYC, I forgot what weather was like. Sure, NYC gets snow occasionally. And the rain is usually a pain in the butt (mostly because there is nowhere to drain). And the wind can be hell (once I was almost pushed off my feet…and I’m not one of those little tiny girls who get blown around). But mostly, the weather isn’t bad. Being an island comes in handy with keeping the weather pretty constant.

Now what got me started on all this weather stuff? Well, we have a severe weather warning here in State College. According to the weather channel (and the radar) we’re basically going to have really horrible icky weather until sunday night. Luckily, we don’t have to leave the house. So yay for that.

Also, we’re apparently ordering pizza. Never mind that we already had tacos for dinner at 6:30. I can never turn down Hawaiian Pizza, especially when I’m with someone who doesn’t make fun of me for eating pizza with pineapple.

The socks are coming. I’m also planning out my next few projects. As of now, I’m planning on:
-finishing the pink and green socks (one down, about 80% of the second to do – they will be finished so I can wear them for Christmas and show off. even better, I might get two pairs of anklets out of the one skein – I tend to prefer anklets)
finishing the modern bustier from Alterknits (I’ve done about an inch of it. This is actually the second time I’m knitting this, the first time it was both too big and too short, but I know it’s a quick knit since I’ve already done it)
-knitting the merlot socks from the yarn I bought with the pink and green
the military jacket/cardigan from knitting classic style (yay for finally getting to use up the mystery tweed from WEBS, I’ve swatched and blocked and it is perfect for the job. I’ll just have to soak it in some conditioner after I finish knitting it but before I start wearing it – it’s a bit scratchy)
the lace up gauntlets from Alterknits (to replace my pair that have developed a hole in them – this is priority, but the yarn is at home)
Gretel by Ysolda (a nice winter hat, I’m debating whether to use the cascade 220 from SP11 or more of the Manos – I made a sweater with it that stunk so I am reusing it all to make winter accessories, or maybe the leftover gray cascade 220 from Brett’s sweater)
Bird in Hand mittens by Kate Gilbert (definitely using the red cascade 220 from SP, just have to pick up some white cascade 220 from the lys)
Odessa hat by grumperina (this would be the only one to buy yarn for…and I won’t be buying it right now, but I am lusting – I figure it would be a fun knit, get to use beads! and it’s named Odessa – and I do love anything having to do with the former Soviet Union)

The best part is that for all of that all I need to pick up is a skein of white cascade 220, a few sets of needles (all double points), and whatever I decide to make the Odessa hat out of. Woo.


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