Posted by: epsyck | December 19, 2007


That is the noise my brain is making right now. It is complaining primarily because of sleep issues (I seem to wake up every 2 hours…all night), although it is rather unhappy about the whole oral final exam thing happening today. Then about the fact that we are spending the rest of the day cleaning my room and the apartment because while I love wildlife, I do not want to share my room with rats and roaches (if you don’t clean before winter break…you will have roaches when you come back).

Haven’t been knitting much since I got back from PA…well at all. But hopefully soon. And I may be getting some knitting things for christmas this year from the boyfriend (he is super easy to buy for, me…not so much, especially since we’re downsizing this year – last year he got an ipod and I got a nintendo DS and jewelery; this year we have about a 115$ limit or rather that’s how much I spent and that’s how much he’s trying to match).

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