Posted by: epsyck | December 19, 2007

Christmas lists!

I just sent the boy my extra christmas list (he was having trouble coming up with ideas). I sent direct links, with color name and number, and needle sizes. With any luck, I’ll get all the knitting needles and yarn to finish up the top few things on my ravelry queue!

Finished cleaning, but now I have to go clean the fish tank and pack up all of his things…so that I can pack him up tomorrow (he will be spending the 6 hour train ride in 2-3 freezer bags full of water in my bag.)

Let’s just hope that the cats don’t get too interested in him. Especially since Cally is a big fan of water (she will sit under the faucet if you turn it on – then you have to dry her off with a towel).



  1. Safe travels and happy holidays! I hope you have a wonderful xmas 🙂

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