Posted by: epsyck | December 21, 2007

I guess a 7 hour train ride is good for one thing…

That’s right, I finished my pink and green socks! The train was from NYC to Syracuse, and is only supposed to be 5 hours 45 minutes. We were almost 2 hours late… Consequently I did not get any chicken nuggets (don’t ask…we always stop for either fast food or Tully’s – which for those of you not from upstate NY is as good as fast food. they serve everything fried and covered with cheese). But I got everything except for the top ribbing done, so yay. And I finished that ribbing this afternoon.

pink and green socks

They still need to be soaked and a little bit of blocking just to even out some tension issues that happen when you knit in bits and pieces (or rather that happen when I knit in bits and pieces). But they will be done for Christmas wearing!

In other news, the fish made it home in one piece. He spent the train ride in a freezer bag full of water, in a tupperware dish, in two more freezer bags. And the cats were very interested in him when we first got here. But now they don’t care much. Wrapping paper is much more interesting, as is the phone cord. I love them. But they’re psychotic.


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