Posted by: epsyck | December 22, 2007

Yarn fluff

Does anyone else have a problem with this? You know, when you’re unwinding a skein, putting it into balls…or into two balls as the case may be. But you can’t because the strands are stuck together with yarn fluff. This is the third skein that I’ve had this problem with (they weren’t even the same fiber content, although the cotton yarn made me want to shoot myself). I think it’s time to put aside the really scary knot of yarn that I’ve been untangling for the time being.

I’m probably going to knit a quick set of fingerless gloves out of the sock yarn I brought home. Just because I don’t really want to knit a sock again right now (3 pairs in a month!). I have a few patterns I’m looking at, but undecided at the moment.

But now its off to take a shower and get ready to go shopping. Mind you, my Christmas shopping is done. But I have to go finish my mother’s shopping today (which means Kohl’s, Michael’s, Target, BJ’s, and maybe somewhere else I’m forgetting).




  1. I highly recommend EndPaper Mits! They are great for fingering weight yarn and work up fast. The pattern in the colourwork is easy to follow as well 🙂 Happy Christmas!

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