Posted by: epsyck | December 30, 2007


I did not bring knitting out to PA (I’m spending about a week and a half out here for new years). I expected to get yarn and needles for my Christmas present from the boy (I even gave places to get them as well as color names and numbers).

Needless to say, I did not receive¬† yarn or needles. This is a problem because I don’t know a single LYS in State College. And I NEED TO KNIT or I will probably kill the boy. (I love him, really, but he has spent the entire day at the radio station leaving me hostage in the house and a girl can only play video games so long).

I think I’m going to have to ask in the State College group on ravelry if anybody can give me a suggestion of somewhere to go.



  1. Hi there! I just left a response for you in the Knittany Lions Group on Ravelry about LYS in State College area. Knitters Underground is one and Stitch Your Art Out is the other. There is also a Michaels which is open today – mind you it’s a Michaels but at least it will save “boys” life LOL as it’s open today. It’s right next door to Circuit City which is across from Wegmans – if you’re not familiar with the area but he is, he’ll know where that is.

  2. Stranded with no yarn or needles!!!! That will never do. I found a few results online, but have no idea if they are close enough for you:

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