Posted by: epsyck | January 4, 2008

Squirrel Jacket

So I needed something to knit. And I found it. I’m currently knitting a jacket with really simple intarsia squirrels (and acorns!). This is my first two color knitting (unless you count making heels and toes out of a different color, which I don’t). It’s going ok, not perfect, but good. I figure it’s my first time can’t be perfect at EVERYTHING. Anyway, I’m already like two thirds through the back, and I only started it yesterday. I’m loving knitting with bulky weight yarn after knitting in sock and aran weight for the past year. Just need to decide if I want to take this project with me (i.e. home and/or school) or leave it here in PA so I don’t have to bring knitting with me every time.

Also, I wrote 2 1/2 pages on my thesis today. I figured out that if I want to finish about a week early (for editing and getting it bound), I only have to write about half a page per day (every day) and I will finish in time without a problem. So yay. I’ll probably just try to get it up to 12 or something before I go back to school, but 10 is still good.

Oh, and I made soup again. I’m really loving this whole making soup thing. It’s just so convenient. Boil some broth, add some water (or wine), put in some cooked meat, some random veggies that are laying around, maybe some pasta…and BAM you have soup! I think the only thing I would change about the soup we had tonight would be adding the wine instead of water (it called for wine, but I wasn’t really in the mood to go to the liquor store out here in PA) and some garlic (which wasn’t called for, but it was missing something). I still have some broth in the big container as well as a serving of soup in the fridge, so I’ll probably make one more batch of soup before I leave (even if it’s just to throw in the freezer for when I come back out – the boy will be on Nutri-System so I need to feed myself).

Oof. Tomorrow I’m staying at home while the boy is going back to campus to do more work on his paper (it’s left over from last spring, when he was in the hospital having brain surgery). I got about as much as I can do on my paper with the books I brought with me, so I’ll maybe do some online research, but I don’t have to go to campus for that. I can hang out here in my PJs. Yay.

Isn’t it amazing how I can write so much and yet say so little? 🙂 I blame it on spending the evening watching the Police Academy movies (we’re up to #4 or through #4, I don’t remember, I just remember that Steve Gutenberg was still in it). For some reason, they’re really awesome. Actually, it isn’t some reason. I know the reason. It’s Bobcat Goldthwait. Officer Zed Forever! (also, he’s from Syracuse! I swear, Brett thinks I make up random Syracuse connections. Bobcat, Richard Gere – North Syracuse, Tom Cruise, Grace Jones, Rod Sterling – of Twilight Zone fame actually if you pay attention he occasionally says Syracuse NY in it, Stickley – like the furniture but I don’t know how well known that is outside of the region – also Frank L Baum and President Grover Cleavland are from towns outside of Syracuse => I swear, it’s a requirement to know all these famous people with ties to syracuse, we have inferiority complexes, you would too if you lived in the same state as New York City!).

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