Posted by: epsyck | January 5, 2008


What happens when you don’t pay attention to the pattern and just read the chart:

I’m 19 rows into the chart of a squirrel (Actually two charts of squirrels that are facing each other – I swear it isn’t as ugly as it sounds). And I sort of forgot to do the decreases. So I have to go ALL the way back to row 6.  Because I’m  pretty sure that it would be important to shape an armhole and everything.

I may just rip all the way back before the colorwork started. I’ve gotten significantly better as the chart went along so it should be significantly more neat this time? But boo. Boo boo boo.

And it’s all my fault 😉

Learning is important. As is actually following the pattern. Lesson learned. (now to drown my sorrows in cold pizza and lemonade).


  1. I’ve been looking everywhere for a squirrel intarsia pattern! Do you mind sharing yours?

  2. I actually got mine in a little booklet that I bought at Michael’s craft stores. The name of the company is escaping me at the moment, but it was the alpaca blended with acrylic. I would be more specific..but the pattern is currently about 200 miles where I accidentally left it at a friend’s house.

    (also, as an aside, I might actually be going to Pitt this fall)

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