Posted by: epsyck | January 8, 2008

I swear, I really do love cats

But sometimes…I want to kill my parents kittens. First of all, they are no longer kittens. In fact, they are bigger than any cat I’ve ever had. They are very much country barn cats.

Honestly, I don’t even hate them becaues they wake me up at random hours of the night. It’s annoying, but I can deal with it. And I accept that they will pounce on/at my fish tank. But the dumb cats chewed through a double pointed needle. And not just any double pointed needle, but one that was IN a project. They didn’t damage the start of my serpentine mitt, but they did make it so no knitting will be done tonight. We’re supposedly going to go look somewhere tomorrow, but I’m also having dental work done. Which sucks and means that I probably won’t be able to be happy about shopping. The part that kills me is that I didn’t even leave it out, it was hidden and somehow they got to it anyway.

Oh, and I’m sort of sick too, which makes all of this just peachy. Also, by sort of sick, I mean I probably have strep again. Truthfuly this is not that unusual so I shouldn’t be complaining about it. I had my first case when I was 2 months old (the doctor swore I was too young…but the swab was positive!). Probably should have had my tonsils out, but they don’t do that these days.

But, I should just be thankful that my fish is not dead, I made it back from PA only 15 minutes late last night (Awesome on a long haul amtrak), and my grandfather is out of the hospital (he had pneumonia again, but he’s fine). Must be thankful for everything else, and forget that sometimes cats are evil. But they’re just cute enough not to strangle (like when Cally was sleeping on the bed all stretched out in the sun, and when two unidentified cats were curled up between my knees when I was sleeping last night). I think when I adopt a cat, it will be slightly older and slightly less crazy. Or we’ll just get a beagle or a greyhound. I think I’ve convinced the boyfriend that dogs are awesome and beagles are the best.

And of course now Cally is sitting outside my door crying because I have baricaded myself in to practice crochet. (she sort of whirrs, because they still can’t meow)

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