Posted by: epsyck | January 10, 2008

Things to be thankful for

-Buying yarn on ravelry (I got some black wildfoote and some champagne louet gems – both destined to become endpaper mitts or something like that)

-antibiotics that take care of several rather annoying health problems (although interestingly enough I can’t eat dairy products within two hours of taking my meds – weird huh?)

– cats NOT attacking my fish tank (in fact webster, the big lovable gray tabby  with a billion toes is currently curled up on the pillow I was sitting on, making me lean uncomfortably over to reach my laptop, but dammit he’s so cute I can’t move him)

-getting a call back from dream job’s recruiting center (the jury is still out, but I need to go to another info session to ask a question or two)

-Purring and kitty bellies (seriously, whenever I feel icky and stressed about the future and such, a purring cat, a soft fluffy belly and a paw touching you to hint that you aren’t paying enough attention will make EVERYTHING better)

So tomorrow I have to call back dream job (they have a habit of calling at the worst times – generally when I’m in class or the bathroom), finish my financial aid papers for possible grad school and send those out (they’re due on the 15th…oops), fix my tax problems (argh), and MAYBE go to some LYS if I can find one and pick up a pair of tiny DPs to get back to work on the serpentine mitts.  Oh, and finish the intro to my thesis. And buy my train ticket back to NYC (classes start on the 22nd, and I start work the same day, and my internship too). And start mailing things back to NYC because I have a horrible habit of shopping whenever I come home. But, yet another thing to be thankful of – I can fit in boy’s XL sweatshirts! Thus I aquired two new college sweatshirts (Penn State and SU – two of the 4 colleges/universities that I can legitimately wear since the boy is at PSU and I’m from Syracuse and technically I took classes there during HS).

Oh, and two last things to be thankful for – getting a new totally awesome cellphone (it will be delivered sometime in the next week – Verizon is backordered but the wait is worth it for the totally awesome LG Voyager which is basically iPhone lite); and more importantly Brett returned home safely from his shift with the NYPD today (even though there was a bit of a scare – there was an armed robbery that turned out to be not an armed robbery but robbery at finger point, but they were still chasing someone they believed to be armed down Lafayette Street). I’ve said it before, I’m proud of him for being involved with that and I understand the risk is low enough that there is nothing to worry about, but I’m still always glad to hear that he made it home ok after a shift.

And since this is so long, I thought anyone who has cats would appreciate this. Someone was eating a ritz cracker in my bed. And it wasn’t me. Which means that one of the cats pilfered a cracker from the tube in my bedroom (yes, I keep crackers in my room, it’s a long story) and decided to eat it. Also, Webster has a weird toe that grows out of the side of his back foot. Like where the arch would be if he was people. I just noticed it today. Between the three of them they have like 4 cats worth of toes.

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