Posted by: epsyck | January 11, 2008

yarn will always make it better…

excuse the really horrible photos. my camera is back in NYC and I’m using the webcam in my laptop…anyway, my aunt bought me replacement knitting needles and some yarn to dull the pain of the cats stealing my jewellery (we still haven’t found my class ring, but we’re looking). and let me say that if anyone is ever in Syracuse it is definitely worth it to take a trip over to Sheep Thrills on Bear Road. I have never seen that much Noro in one place, or that many knitting needles. And she hasn’t even gotten them all in stock yet!


Honestly, for a built in camera the colors are pretty accurate. From left to right I have: a skein of Noro Iro in this really pretty lavender/tan/slate/natural/green colorway. It is destined to become a neckwarmer of some sort since it will match my pink coat very well (and sometimes a girl just doesn’t want to wear a full scarf). Next is a ball of SRK On Your Toes which apparently has aloe in it. I was curious and the colors are great (they remind me of a rose garden). And last but not least, the noro sock yarn that I have been reading about EVERYWHERE. It’s not as rough as I thought it would be, and the colors are super fun. I’m fairly sure I can get one pair out of the one ball, especially since I knit little socks. But, for tonight, I will be restarting my Serpentine Mitts (which are lovingly called the jolly green mitts) since I also have some really cute DPNs that even came with their own little leather case. Haven’t heard of the brand (Empress), but I like how they feel.


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